Terralux Hits the Market

July 31, 2023

Podcast Interview by Terry David Mulligan

An invitation came from Jennifer Tocher at Terralux Estate Winery to taste the new releases from a winery still being built.

The tasting was moderated by BC’s Best Sommelier 2023 Kelcie Jones alongside Geoffrey Moss, MW and representing Terralux will be the Vineyard and General Manager Kevin Rossion.

As for case production, they are currently sitting at about 3,000 cases per year and have planted a few additional acres over the past few years so this number will continue to grow. The new winery build in West Kelowna will comfortably handle 16,000 cases plus.

The winery is currently under construction with the production facility due to operate for Harvest 2024. The design of the winery pays tribute to the name “Terra” meaning earth and “Lux” meaning light. The facility utilizes a Gravity Fed winemaking system.

“The plans for this winery are very elegant and very thoughtful. Obviously building a new space you want to make sure there is a large hospitality aspect. So it looks like it's going to have a beautiful tasting room and restaurant space but also it's exciting for me because its gravity fed. That’s a very gentle way to make wine and very environmentally thoughtful construction.”
Kelcie Jones, BC’s Best Sommelier 2023

"To me, especially as a new brand and as a new winery it's a really exciting time doing blending for those very first wines because you're really identifying what's the identity of who we are. And that is something you don’t want to change ideally overtime so it's really important you get it right the first time.”
Geoffrey Moss, MW